I think it's time I updated this again.

Emily's Wedding is going to plan and everything is coming together.
I have finished making the invitations - although we had a slight problem with the ink used to stamp "Tying the Knot" didn't dry (ever) and I had to re-stamp on a different paper & cut out and attach to the invites. This however, has had a good outcome as the invites look far better then before.

Emily has come round to the length of the bridesmaids skirts and has decided to leave the organising of the rest of the bridesmaids/flowergirl stuff to me. This was good news as I ordered tiaras, necklaces & shoes without consent :)

Work is generally quite sh*t. The lead Geologist of the group has a *huge* issue with me and my "personal situation". Basically he hates the fact I'm a parent and that I have other commitments. He won't give me work as working only 4 days a week it apparently not long enough to do any work and also he won't give me anything just incase I'm off with sicks kids again.
On a brighter note we have a new Data Services Manager who happens to be a new Mum and her baby is only 6 months old and totally in the same position as me!

Both the kids are fine and have gotten over their bout of the chicken pox (hence me being off sick from work). Thomas was ok with the spots and although had a few unsettled nights was never really bothered by them. Olivia, on the other hand, had it *really* bad - infact I took pictures because I was amazed it could be so bad. She had them in her ears, mouth, eyes and of course it stung when she went to the loo. But she is fine now just waiting for the last marks to go away.

Newest pictures are here --> http://www.lynette-paterson.fotopic.net/c1264124.html
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Why do I bother?

I had a fight with my sister at the weekend mainly due to the fact I did something without her consent.
I am (finally) going to be her Marton-of-Honour for her Wedding. It will be a Tarten themed Wedding and I am to wear a tarten skirt and plain boudice, which is a different colour to the boudice my cousin will be wearing. Said tarten skirt has appeared and it fits really well - a little too well so I need to stick to the Scottish Slimmers (which I have lost 7lbs so far) and lose just a little bit more. The only things is, is the skirt stops at my shin bone & I think it looks silly. I have now ordered a new skirt that will stop at my ankle bone (this will look much better). However, I did all this *before* telling or asking said sister. To say she is furious would be a slight understatement.

I have now slightly calmed the situation by offering to pay for the alterations to have the skirts (yes skirts because I ordered Hannah's longer too) if she still wants them short.


Now, is it too late to get out of making the invitations while I'm still breathing??????
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Olivia has caught yet another cold & given to her brother *sigh*
This morning she mentioned in passing she had a sore throat. So I went and got her a nice cold drink of juice.
I said "This will help your sore throat - it's nice and cold so drink it all up"
After 5 minutes or so Olivia came through to me and asked if she could have a sweetie.
I asked why and she said "I was a good girl & drank up all my juice - even the fizzy bits!"

I was so busted!

Fizzy bits = Disprol
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The Return of the Fairy

Well, how long has it been this time? What, 6 months?
Very quick catch-up:

Thomas Charles William Paterson was born after a very short 2 hour labour on Monday 7th August at 12:10pm.
Olivia just loves her baby brother and has managed to give him 3 colds from constantly kissing him.
Thomas is doing really well and doing all the things he should be, like rolling over, teething, sucking (his own) toes etc.
He has a back tooth through already which is extremely fast but I don't think it will be too much longer before the rest follow too.
Life with 2 children now has become very busy - I seem to spend my days ferrying children around - if it's not to nursery, it's grand parents or it's birthday parties as some children's play area.

I have started a new diet & gone back to Scottish Slimmers in a vain attempt to slim down for my sister's wedding on 7th July (07/07/07).
I have some tarten matron-of-honour dress too s-q-u-e-e-z-e into.

Willie is still at Menzies but is now doing an early morning shift and starts work at 2:30am so we don't see too much of each other but hey life goes on.

I started back to work on the 15th January and man does it suck! There are new people in the office (Schlumberger bought a new company), we have a new office upstairs, I have a sh*te seat right at the door & in a draft and I have a new Geologist to contend with - remind me why did I come back??? Oh yeah, the money.
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Well, I think this has been the longest period between updates.
What can I say? I've obviously been very busy (more to the point I forget that this is here)
Life has been up and down especially lately as I am now 36 weeks pregnant with Junior number 2.
I am due to leave work a week on Friday for 6 whole months, which no doubt will fly by - more so when the baby arrives.
We have no idea what sex the baby is but I have an inkling that it maybe a boy due to my pregnancy being completely different to the last time. The only similar thing is the shape of my tummy - I seem to be all out front again.
Olivia is growing up so fast and will be 3 on thursday. 3?!?! When did that happen? It feels like only yestery that we were taking her home from the hospital.

Time flies when you are having fun, so they say.....
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Apologies for not updating this and for not being online alot lately.
I have been incredibly busy with work.
I am now working on building a Mechanical Earth Model for a field in Algeria.
This was going quite well when I thought I would be doing the basic work and the rest of the team would be doing the actual analysis work and that was an assumption that turned out to be complete b*ll*cks. Not only have I to process, analyse and I have to write the chuffing report too! And to add insult to injury, they decided to restart the project using standard procedures (well, like duh!) and that each of us should be doing a minimum of 3 wells per day. Per Day!?!?! It's taken me 2 weeks to do 3 and now i have to redo. Woohoo!

Stressed, stressed, stressed...
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(no subject)

Well last night was certainly interesting.
About 1:30am, Will & I were woken quite unexpectantly with what I can only describe as the house shaking and lots of male shouting.
Will shot out of bed like he had a rocket up his bum and went straight to the backdoor (which kinda looks onto the front). I stayed in bed mainly because I was quite frightened. I was then called apon to phone the Police and tell them that 2 guys were causing trouble in our street by punching cars and swinging on our front gate (the noise that woke us), one of which seem to be a neighbour of ours. After much talking to the Police, it was decided to wait til morning to see the damage and report it in the morning as the guy who broke the gate seemed to have disappeared. This decision lasted all of 2 minutes when Will rephoned the Police to say he could hear the guy still lurking outside.
The Police then promptly turned up (2-3 mins later), took descriptions from Will & a name (as it was shouted across the street) and they had a look around.

I then spent the next 3 hours lying in bed with my imagination running wild and getting no sleep whatsoever.

Looks the front gate is unrepairable but nothing else seems damaged.
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